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May the Fourth Be With You!

Duhn duhn duhn duuuhn duuuuuhn duhn duhn duhn duuuuuuhn duuuhn duhn duhn duhn duuuuuuuhn duuuhn duhn duhn duhn duhn. Can anyone guess what song I was singing in my head just now?

That's right. It's a Star Wars inspired craft day for us! We are going to make Lego surprise bath bombs, rescue some Star Wars friends from "carbonate" , and draw a baby Yoda!

We started off our fun by learning how to draw a baby Yoda. If you aren't familiar with "the child" from the Mandalorian series, it's basically a baby Yoda and it is literally the cutest character on a show of any kind ever. Period.

It was a basic baby Yoda that any age level can do once they are old enough to draw.

You'll just need white paper, a ruler (or something with a flat edge..I used a book), a pencil, a black sharpie or marker, and colored pencils.

1. Start by drawing a straight line both down and across the page to divide the paper into four segments. Make sure to draw lightly as you'll be erasing these lines later on.

2. Next you'll draw a semi circle starting on the line that goes across the page and then connect them with a slightly rounded bottom on that mid page line. Then you'll draw his ears.Then you'll draw a line where his ears will fold.

Next you'll draw some faint dots that will later be erased across the middle of the head (use your ruler or book again to keep it straight) because you want to draw his eyes below that line. Now draw his eyes in a semicircle shape again like this.

You'll then draw two circles in each eye, a mouth, a slightly curved line for a nose, two curved lines above each eye, two small lines in the inside of the eyes, and two lines between the eyes like this.

Fi was giggling like crazy because neither of us are fantastic at art and our attempts to even draw a curved line were quite humorous.

We then moved down to the bottom segments of the page to start drawing his robe. Start at the bottom of the head to draw the collar. Each side meets the line in the middle with one side slightly shorter than the other.

Then you'll draw the rest of the robe with a wavy bottom like the one above. You can erase any leftover pencil lines at this point.

Now its time to draw a background if you want one, outline your drawing in black, and color it all in.

Have fun coloring and remember not to get upset if you make any mistakes. That's what erasers are for!

This next one is Fi's and it is hilarious! She even gave him a baby tooth!

I don't know about you guys but Fi is OBSESSED with bath bombs so we decided to make some bath bombs with surprise Star Wars characters inside!

Star Wars Surprise Bath Bombs

You'll need:

(Dry Ingredients)

Citric Acid- 1/2 cup

Corn Starch- 1/2 cup

Epsom Salt- 1/2 cup

(Wet Ingredients)

Almond Oil or similar (we are using this)- 2 tablespoons

Essential oils (optional)- a few drops of whatever you prefer (We use young living brand)

Food coloring (optional)

A few spritzes of Witch Hazel in a spray bottle

1. Begin by evenly mixing all of the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

2. Add in your wet ingredient and then stir gently. We ended up getting epsom salt with essential oil already added in so there was no need to add more. Don't worry about seeing a slight reaction as that is normal. We also added in some orange food coloring.

3. Using your spray bottle, spritz the "dough" with a bit of witch hazel. You want it to be moldable but not too mushy as getting it too wet will cause it to react. We live in a very humid area and had to make ours on the drier/more crumbly end to counteract the moisture in the air. Our first batch needed a redo as we used water to spritz with and that mixed with humidity cause the bombs to start their chemical reaction still in the mold.

4. Now fill one half of your mold then put a lego figure in the middle and then fill the other side with more "dough".

5. Firmly press the ball together and then set it somewhere to dry overnight. Alternatively, you can fill the spots in a muffin tin by first adding a drop of cooking oil and rubbing it around each spot, filling each spot with "dough", and then putting them in the oven to dry. Set your oven to 170F and then put your muffin tin inside, turn off the oven, and let them dry out for 45 minutes.

6. Take them out of the mold and enjoy! Let's see how ours turned out!

Now for some more science-y fun! We need to rescue these poor Star Wars characters trapped in Carbonite by the Mandalorian!

Saving characters from Carbonite

What you'll need:

Baking Soda



1. Mix 1 part water to 3 parts baking soda.

2. Pour a small amount of the mixture into the bottom of the ice cube tray.

3. Place one mini figure into each section and then spoon more mixture on top of each figure. We liked to have their arms sticking out or leave some of their face showing.

4. Freeze the ice cube tray for a few hours.

5. Remove "carbonite" figures from freezer and place in containers.

6. Spoon vinegar onto the characters to save them.

Let's check out what Fi thought about it!

And that's a wrap on our super fun May The Fourth be with you activities! We had a great time doing these activities and hope that you will too!

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