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Learning About Japan With A Surprise Japanese Snack Box

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

A few months ago I signed up for a Japanese snack box called Bokksu and had completely forgotten about it until it arrived one night last week which means I quickly threw together some fun Japanese themed activities for Fi to do!

After breakfast the next morning, I had Fi change into her old karate gi (the traditional uniform used for karate practice) and she had zero idea what was going on so that was pretty amusing. I handed her a color by number but the colors were all in Japanese so we watched a quick video for kids to learn the colors and then she was ready to go!

She surprised me with how quickly she learned the colors!

Next up, I sent her into the living room to do her exercise for the day which was Karate! Karate began in the 14th century on the island of Okinawa and then was introduced to mainland Japan in the 1920's.

Next up was snack time which was the fun surprise box!

Then of course she wanted to try more of the surprise snacks.

After trying some yummy and some not so yummy snacks, we learned some fun facts about Japan, read the famous Japanese folktale of Momotaro: The Peach Boy, and then did a fun craft making a Kimono Doll!

We had so much fun learning about Japan that we decided to spend the rest of the week learning more about it! Stay tuned for more snack surprises and fun activities.

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Andrea Becket
Andrea Becket
Oct 03, 2021

Thanks for shaaring this

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