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Healthy Summer Snacks

It's that time of year again where kids are home (lolololol they've been home for months now) and spend hours everyday playing outside, swimming, etc. and they also turn into munch monsters! We'll be trying out a few recipes each week to see if they will become summertime snack staples. We are looking for recipes that are healthy, easy, and can keep Fi going with energy for hours without a sugar crash! I should also note that Fi is an EXTREMELY picky eater and turns her nose up at most things so even getting her to try new recipes is a challenge so we'll see how this goes!

This week we tried Ants On A Log and Energy Balls! We also tried string cheese which she fiercely disliked in the past but is LOVING this time.

After our string cheese win, I went a little out of left field and tried

Ants On A Log which have a random combination of foods and textures I was sure Fi would say no to. Its cream and crunchy, sweet and salty...basically full of textures which are not a Fi fave. It's a healthy choice because celery is packed with fiber, peanut butter is loaded with protein, and raisins are fruit.

All you need is:


Peanut Butter


She cracked me up with her lack of spreading skills.

Verdict: She liked it!

Next up we looked for something packed full of foods that provide tons of energy. Today for example we got up and ran, then Fi had a horse riding lesson, and then she swam in the pool for a few hours. Having a quick and easy healthy and high energy snack is a must for this busy kiddo! I found a recipe for energy balls that we had all of the ingredients sitting around and it made the perfect snack. Energy balls are packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats so it's a great choice!

To make Energy Balls you'll need:

1. Peanut Butter- 1/2 cup (we used honey roasted which made it a little too sweet for my liking but Fi loved it)

2. Honey- 1/3 cup

3. Oats- 1 Cup

4. Chia seeds- 1Tbsp

5. Chocolate Chips- 1/2 cup (milk or dark...whichever you prefer)

6. Vanilla extract- 1 tsp

You can also add in ground flaxseed and shredded coconut and switch out almond butter for peanut butter. Maple syrup can also be subbed for honey so don't be afraid to experiment!

Let's check out Fi making them and tasting them!

Mix it all together and make 1 inch balls and then refrigerate for 30 minutes and viola! Energy Balls are ready to go! They can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Now you are ready to grab a couple for a snack when you are on the go or heading back outside to play!

Fi can't wait to see what healthy snacks we try out next!

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