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Foot Juice...I Mean Grape Juice!

Thats right. Foot juice.

So we decided to make Eggplant Parmigiana with some friends courtesy of The Italian Wooden Spoon who makes THE BEST Eggplant Parmigiana hands down! ('s the best. Book a virtual class and you'll see what I mean.). To go along with it we wanted to come up with a couple of activities to amuse an almost 8 and an almost 2 year old which means getting creative. When I think of Italy, I think of wine, of course, and in kid speak that means...grape juice. So clearly, we decided to make our very own grape juice letting the kiddos use the "grape stomping" method. Fi was both excited and disgusted by this prospect but was game to try it plus its a fun sensory activity for her littlest friend, Jackson.

The kiddos really seemed to enjoy it more and more as it became squishier and squishier!

First we plucked all the grapes off of their stems and then washed them and put them in a large pot. If you have multiple big kids you may want to to use something bigger like a kiddy pool lined with a garbage bag.

We started off the grape stomping by washing their feet off with soap and water and then rinsing them off before they stepped into the pot holding the grapes.

Then they took turns stomping on the grapes which took about 15 or so minutes. It made a not so delightful sound that amused the kids.

After the stomping was over, we took the grapes back inside (and hosed off the kids) to strain the grape carcasses (heh heh) out of the juice.

Then we brought the juice to a simmer to sterilize it because you know...feet.

Then we put some in a pitcher and froze some to make grape jelly at a later date. I was shocked to find that it tasted delicious! Even Fi was brave enough to try it.

Next up while we made dinner, the kids used pasta shapes to create designs and make funny faces in play dough.

Then we finished making our delicious Eggplant Parmigiana, crostini, and panna cotta with raspberry sauce which are all amazing recipes by the aforementioned Italian Wooden Spoon! We actually went off book and made the sauce in a crockpot which will save a lot of time once we master it so it was a touch watery and we will know to cook it a tad longer to continue to let the sauce cook down next time. It still tasted AMAZING though!

Italian night was a success! I can't wait to see what delicious culinary delight we will whip up next along with kid friendly activities! Also, check out the amazing hydrangea blooming currently. There was even one shaped like a heart!

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