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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

One fun thing to know about Fi is that she likes bee conservation. She signed up with Roots and Shoots on a whim last year and chose to do a bee conservation project. No one was more shocked than I because when I think about bees, I think about how being close to them will most likely involve me getting stung. So why would a child want to be near something that could sting them? Insanity! Little did I know how uninformed I was about bees in general. Her project focused on solitary bees which are the less aggressive type of bees. They live a solitary life and are too busy living their life to mess with yours. Throughout our many adventures, you'll most likely see some projects that involve educating others on bee conservation which is great because many people were as uninformed about them as I was. Here's a video that we made as part of her presentation for her school and at the Roots and Shoots event hosted by the Jane Goodall Institute last September.

Fi is also currently taking a class on Wildcrafting from so we'll be posting some recipes that we are attempting with dried nettle this week so stay tuned!

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