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Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a national holiday, generally on the last Friday in April, where individuals are encouraged to join together and plant trees, often times in honor or in memory of loved ones.

It just happened to coincide with one of our Roots and Shoots projects to plant native trees in the area so we made sure to plant some today!

Why are planting trees important?

1. They provide oxygen which is something that all humans need so that's a no brainer!

2. They absorb carbon dioxide and improve air quality by absorbing toxins and other greenhouse gases from the air which cools the earth.

3. They provide shelter, food, and habitats for the wildlife living around us.

4. Trees create shade for humans and animals which is important in the scorching heat of Georgia summers.

5. Trees reduce erosion by holding soil in place and absorbing rainwater.

Get outside and plant a tree but keep in mind the best type of tree for your yard and region. Some trees prefer more sun than others and be mindful of finding the perfect spot because hopefully the tree will be there for generations!

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