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An Albany, GA Gem

Somehow we missed the memo about the amazing 1.3 mile trail here in our town! The Willson Hospice House trail is beautiful and relaxing. I randomly came across it online when looking up trails within an hour of us to explore. While everyone is practicing social distancing, it's still a great idea to go outside and get some vitamin D!

We popped over to Willson's hospice House and saw the trail sign very easily so we parked and walked right over.

Right away we could feel the calming presence of being one with nature which shows what a great job they did with making this trail as we aren't far from the hustle and bustle of the city at all.

You'd seriously never know that you were still in Albany. There are platforms off to the side here and there offering a place to rest and a chance to view the local wildlife and plants.

There were a few obstacles along the way but nothing that we couldn't handle. Crossing a tree limb in the mud was great to practice our balance.

A downed tree was a breeze to climb over.

This guy was taking up the whole path so we lobbed a few pieces of broken tree limbs in front of him to get him to back off which was successful!

Fi says she was terrified but made it around the whole lap and can't wait to go back again! So for all of my Albany peeps, check it out! It's a great place to enjoy the fresh air and explore the world around you!

Update: We've gone back again since then and Fi and I did 3 loops around it which was 3.4 miles from: the car, 3 loops, and back to the car so it's perfect for a quiet, laid back 5k. The wet spot was dried up and there were no snake sightings but we did happen upon an area with tons of wild blackberries. Clearly, every trip to this trail is a fun, new experience!

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